TUbliss Test – Front Tyre Report

5. June 2014

After testing TUbliss on our rear wheels, it was time to give the front a go.

Capture Nino on track 2We installed TUbliss together with a new Pirelli Scorpion MX Extra X. We notmally use this front tyre on sand tracks, as well as on fast clay tracks. Everything was installed onto a half year old Haan Wheel with an Excel A60 rim.

In the meanwhile, we have been racing on different types of tracks. Loose and heavy sand tracks, as well as fast clay tracks. We have been testing with different tyre pressures from 1 down to 0,7 Bar. We finally settled on 0,75 Bar as this provided us the most grip without getting the front tyre to roll over its sides. The bike handles great in corners. On the clay tracks it feels kind of spongy, but also a lot of grip and comfort.

Despite the low pressure, the tyre remains in place on all the wheels we have installed TUbliss. For us, this is a perfect solution. We keep on racing with TUbliss and once again would like to thank SwaziCowboyz for giving us this opportunity.