The TUbliss Dual Chamber System valves

18. January 2014
Dual Chamber Air Valves

How the TUbliss Dual Air Chamber Valves work

TUbliss consists of a red liner, a black high pressure inner tube (blue in the image) and an integrated rim-lock plate which has an air valve installed into it.

Air is pumped into your wheel via two separate air valves. The one valve pumps up your tyre and the other valve is used to seal the tyre, creating a 360 degree pneumatic rim-lock.

The black high pressure inner tube inside the red liner is pumped up to 7 – 7.5 bar. This pressure forces the bead on the red inner liner outwards, against the inside of the tyre bead. The 360 degree pressure created forms a seal between the red liner and the inside of the tyre itself, NOT the rim.

Your wheel now has two separate air chambers. The inner chamber is your TUbliss sealing system which seals the tyre and the outer air chamber is the inside of your tyre. Your tyre can then be pumped up to your desired pressure and no additional tube is necessary.