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Nino Dekker at MON 24MX NK Heerde

Oct 07 2014

DRA Foundation of Arjan Brouwer and Cor Termaat organized an MON competition with several NK classes at the MX Track in Heerde…

First place Rookie – Lottum MX Track, Netherlands

Oct 01 2014

Nino Dekker took first place within the Rookie Class in Lottum, Netherlands this weekend. Walking away with a nice trophy and some…

Tyres & Terrain

Jul 20 2014

Reusel MX Track, Netherlands with Nino Dekker

Jul 12 2014

Nino Dekker at Reusel MX Track in the Netherlands. With all the rain we had the track was heavy muddy sand. In…

24MX NK Nationale Motocross – 15 June 2014

Jun 17 2014

Running TUbliss at 0.75 Bar on both days. Lelystad MX track is clay surface with various jumps, a whoops section and quite…

Front Tyre Test – On the Track

Jun 06 2014

Nino Dekker on the track testing out the front tyre fitted with TUbliss.

TUbliss Test – Front Tyre Report

Jun 05 2014

After testing TUbliss on our rear wheels, it was time to give the front a go. We installed TUbliss together with a…

4th round of the IGE championship in Wolfshausen, Germany

Jun 05 2014

Hi, here’s a small report after my race at the 4th round of the IGE championship in Wolfshausen. Conditions were near perfect.…

Sumava Cup in Bělčice, Czech Republic 10 May 2014

May 13 2014

The second leg of the Sumava Cup was held in Bělčice on a natural motocross track. The morning practice sessions on the…

2014 so far with TUbliss – Gary Daniels (Enduro, UK)

May 10 2014

Mid way through last year I decided to switch over to the TUbliss tyre system. A friend had bought a set and…