Sumavsky Pohar Championship

28. April 2014

Filip Měchura (left), Sergio Vilapouca (centre) and  Michal Jirásek (right)

Round 1 of Sumavsky Pohar Championship, 27 April 2014 in Netolice. VVT comprising of Sergio, myself Filip, Michal Jirásek entered the MX2 class and guest enduro rider Michael riding for SwaziCowboyz in the OPEN class.

We took on the practise with great enthusiasm as the track was beautifully prepared. Everyone’s practise went well and the guys from Germany quickly discovered how things work over here. The organizers had to split the classes into odd and even numbers for the qualifying rounds which were run in the form of a race. The three of us all ended up in the same MX2 qualification race. Michal Jirásek * 410 finished in second place, myself * 132 (Filip) 7th and Sergio * 472 finished 17th.

The races we a lot of fun, just the breaks between the rounds seemed infinite.

The first race was very fast and full of crashes and injuries. Fortunately, VVT kept it together with Jirásek finishing 4th, myself 9th and Sergio 27th out of a field of 40 qualified riders. Unfortunately official results have still not been published.

The second race was pretty muddy. It was windy and started raining the moment the gate dropped for round 2 of the MX2 race. Thus, the race started on a slippery track and for those running TUbliss it was happy going. Sergio was running 0,3 Bar and I started with 0,4 Bar. The START was briliant for VVT. I got off to a second place start and Michal was in 3rd place. Sergio was just inside the top 20. In the first turn, I had a collision with teammate Michal on the 410 and this dropped me to around 8-9 position. During the race, myself and Sergio struggled ahead to the front. Tubliss worked extremely well in the mud. Michal finished in 3rd position, I finished 5th and Sergio 20th.

Our guest Michael tried Czech rode really well managing to finish 21st overall. VVT took home one trophy for Jirásek *410 who managed a 3rd place overall.
Everyone is in good health and looking forward to the next race in Bělčice-the birthplace of Sumava Cup on 10/05/2014.