Sumava Cup in Bělčice, Czech Republic 10 May 2014

13. May 2014

Michal Jirásek #410 – Vostrá Vačka Tým

The second leg of the Sumava Cup was held in Bělčice on a natural motocross track. The morning practice sessions on the track, as is customary, totally broke down the track and developed holes so that every race you would have to search for new lines. Despite this fact, more than 140 riders gathered for this race, indicating the popularity of this series. Vostrá Vačka Tým competed with our regular composition of the three MX2 riders. Our quad rider Petr Smejkal was unfortunate not to make it to the race on time. So once again we only started in the MX2 class. The race was about to start. Qualification consisted of a 12 minute sprint to the finish line and proved to be a good warm-up for the races .

 Filip Měchura #132  - Vostrá Vačka Tým

Filip Měchura #132 – Vostrá Vačka Tým

In race one, Michal (#410) came out best taking second place, thus earning himself a super result. I, (#132 ) had a bad start but managed to maintain a fairly constant pace with minimal mistakes, ranking myself in seventh position. Sergio (#472) was fighting with the wrong suspension settings and a twisted ankle and knee suffered during qualification to finish right in the middle of the field in 20th place . The long break between runs was sufficient for our regeneration and saw us looking forward to the next and final race which turned out to be a sand storm. The track was very dusty and the ruts in every corner did not make it any easier.

SwaziCowboyz Sergio Vilapouca  #472 Vostrá Vačka Tým

SwaziCowboyz Sergio Vilapouca #472 Vostrá Vačka Tým

Michal once again came out best with another second place earning himself the overall win. I managed to improve by two places putting me and Michal in the top five after the start. Sergio got off to a 12th place start and finished the race in 15th. During the race I thought I might still make it onto the podium, but flat tyre and one crashed dropped me down to 6th, with which I also managed to ride the rest of the race on. At the beginning of the race a sharp stone cut through the rubber in my rear tyre, but fortunately TUbliss held the tyre in place and I was able to finish the complete race riding on a flat. Michal JIRY finished in 1st overall ! So congratulations to him ! I took 6th place and Sergio 16th place overall. I think we can all be happy. We had a fun, we are in good health and we’re looking forward to the next race which will be held in Božetice towards the end of May.