Ross Hall – Automart Low North Camp XC

2. August 2015

Had another great win On Sunday at the Automart Low North Camp XC near Scarborough. It was ace. I got the holeshot, lead until end of first lap, but had made many mistakes not knowing where to go. John Bradford took a shortcut up the last hill before lap scoring to take the lead. I chased hard but crashed twice in traffic, covering my goggles, grips and gloves in mud and twisting my bars. So I had to stop to realign the bars and pushed hard to catch him for 90mins. Until I had him in my sights, followed for a while, but stupidly, instead of attacking in stealth mode, I shouted “come in Bradford”. Ha, he took off, but I managed to pass him on the next lap, wanting to pull the pin and go, I decided to box clever and to ride safe eliminating the risk of a crash and loose lead. I had to fight hard today. Bradford didn’t give up, fair play to him. Good to beat him on form and around a lap he knows and has raced at before. One I’ve never seen. There was some very good company too, with some very quick lads in the over 40 class. Salkeld just back from competing in the GNCC in America and finishing second, had to settle for 3rd place on the day.

Bradford 2nd, David Salkeld 3rd,  Tempest, Steeples, Richtie, Haith, Deswert, Moreley

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