Rider Review

17. April 2014

TUbliss Test April 9, 2014

We got the opportunity to test the Nuetech TUbliss tyre core system through SwaziCowboyz. Having not been satisfied with normal inner tubes, we thought this could be a great alternative for us. We were convinced by TUbliss after one afternoons riding! An absolute must have!

A report on our first experience with TUbliss.

We race a 2014 KTM SX150. Tyre pressure is very crucial, so we race at around 0,9 to 1 bar. This often causes flat tyres (snake bite). The tyre also does not remain in place: it tends to slide on the rim. We often have to remount the tyre in order to prevent the valve ripping off the inner tube. A nasty and tedious job…

TUbliss is a system that creates two air chambers within the tyre. One chamber sits in a U-form profile that uses 7 bar air pressure to press the tyre beading against the rim. The other chamber (tyre) can be inflated to your preferred pressure. We got a 19 inch system for the rear. All components were included. After watching the installation video on the TUbliss site (http://tubliss.eu/), we managed to install TUbliss onto a half year old Haan wheel which has an A60 rim. For being one of the most popular tyres on the sand tracks in Holland, we decided on a new Dunlop MX11 Sand tyre. The installation is different to conventional inner tubes, but it is not difficult. We even required less effort, but it is very important to use a lot of soapy water.

We tested TUbliss on the heavy Nunspeet sand track. This was really exciting, because we had no idea what to expect. We started out at 0,9 bar (our normal tyre pressure). The second session we used 0,8 bar and the last session 0,7 bar. 0,7 bar gave us a lot of grip and traction. This first test was very successful: riding at low pressure without any problems. The tyre remained in place on the rim and the grip was very good.
Now we are looking forward to riding on a fast clay track. We’re expecting even more benefits out there.

Thank you very much SwaziCowboyz !!

Edwin Dekker