Rider Review – Second time around

1. May 2014

TUbliss Test – April 16 2014

A week after testing TUbliss at the heavy sand track of Nunspeet, Netherlands, we went to the track of Lelystad, Netherlands. This is fast clay track with a lot of jumps.

We installed the TUbliss with a used Pirelli Scorpion MX MidSoft 32 rear tyre: our choice for fast clay tracks. We took a 2 year old original KTM wheel, which we normally use as a spare.
Like Nunspeet we started with 0,9 Bar pressure. Then we went down to 0,8 Bar and finally we tested with 0,7 Bar.

Like we expected, riding with low pressure gives even more advantage on this track than on the sand. The grip was enormous! The tyre remained in place and we didn’t get a flat.
A member of Lelystad MX Track was amazed. He runs between 1 and 1,2 Bar and even then he would sometimes get a flat.

Soon we are going to install the TUbliss on the 21” front wheels.

SwaziCowboys thanks !!

Edwin Dekker