Josh Buckley ready for Fast & Furious at Potters Barr, UK

26. September 2014

JOsh Buckley - TUbliss - Back on Track

Josh Buckley - Back on Track - TUbliss

Josh Buckley ready for the “Fast & Furious” Race XC event organised by Enduroland in Potters Barr, Hertz. It runs from the 27 – 28 September 2014 in the UK.

“Potters Barr is mainly flat and fast but with some ganrly ditches that are deep and steep as well as some wet smelly bogs. The small technical woods slow the pace for a longer lap and is a favorite for beginners and experts alike.”

If you do go please be sure to pop in and say hi to Simon Buckley and Andrew Perring from Back on Track. They may just give you a great deal on a tyre and a TUbliss kit.

Thanks to Josh for the images and information. We looking forward to hearing all about it!!!

If you would like to get in touch with any of the businesses mentioned please follow the links below:

Back on Track
Race XC
Lucas Oil