Josh Buckley at the Fast and Furious – Potters Barr, UK

29. September 2014
Josh Buckley - Potters Barr- TUbliss

Photo credit: Dizzychoonz Cameraman

Summary of the Fast and Furious event held in Potters, Barr over the weekend from Josh Buckley…

“Potters Barr was as usual fast and furious, hence it’s name. The track consists of large open straights and flat corners with the small woods and just behind the woods is a large ditch.
If you went through the woods you would have to go through these ditches. There were a few man made hard roots and also some natural terrain being used .

The morning’s Race XC kicked off with the Clubman and Expert riders taking off at the same time with dead engines. This was my first time in almost a year to ride a 2 stroke and I had a rear 19″ TUbliss fitted.

With the first drop of the flag the race began, I managed to pull my 1st hole shot and flew through the first few sections only to stall in a tight corner. I then dropped into 3rd this stayed this way for around 3-4 laps to then had to refuel (Enduro tank is on the way), I came out the pits in around 7th position to fight back down to 3rd in my class and 6th overall.” – Josh Buckley

WTG on the holeshot!!!! Sounds like it was a whole lot of fun and we crossing fingers that tank arrives soon!!!

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