TUbliss Installation

Step 1 - Critical Steps to Success

This video is only intended to show how the installation looks when it is done correctly, and we ask that you PLEASE follow the PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS in their entirety when actually performing the installation. Even if you have changed thousands of tires – IT IS CRITICAL to follow EVERY STEP on the printed instructions.

ALSO NOTE that it is important to use a NEW tire, or one that has NOT been previously mounted with stock rim locks as they leave impressions inside the tire’s bead where the TUbliss seals against and will cause leaks.

You will need

  • NEW or previously unmounted Tyre
  • Drilling machine & 11mm drill bit (7/16″)
  • Fine Grit Sandpaper or Fine File
  • Valve Core Remover
  • Tire Mounting Lubricant
  • 3 Tire Spoons or Levers
  • 14mm Wrench/Spanner
  • Small Tip Knife
  • Tyre pump or Air Source capable of 7,5 Bar/100 Psi
  • Air Gauge with 7,5 Bar/100 Psi Range
  • Torque Wrench

Step 2 - Drill Prep & Rim Tape

TUbliss Step 2 Instructions

  • Drill 11mm (7/16″) hole exactly four spokes (either direction) from existing valve stem hole. If your rim has two 8mm holes that are four spokes apart, simply enlarge ONE of these holes to 11mm.
  • Use fine sandpaper or a fine file to remove any sharp edges from the spoke nipples. Clean the centre of the rim (a wire brush works well for this).
  • Plug any unused holes & apply ONE full wrap of the rim tape provided. Make sure to overlap the edges where the rim tape meets.
  • Cut and remove tape covering both valve stem holes.

TIP: It is important to position the rim lock and the valve stem four spokes apart, or you will damage the black bladder during tire changes.

Step 3 - Remove Bladder from Liner & Adjust

TUbliss instructions - Step 3

  • Thoroughly lube the Red Liner with a Tire Mounting Lubricant to make it easier to install the TUbliss Liner onto the Rim.
  • Remove the Black Inner Bladder from the Red Liner and also remove the Valve Core.
  • Align the Rim lock with the 11mm hole and centre the Red Liner on the Rim.
  • Align the Bladder Valve Stem with the 8mm hole and insert this 8mm Valve Stem into the Red Liner.

TIP: Thoroughly coat the Red Liner and the Black Bladder with a Tire Mounting Lubricant to help it slip onto the rim much easier.

Step 4 - TUbliss On Rim

TUbliss Installation Step 4

  • Insert the Rim Lock into the hole and Finger Tighten the Rim Lock until VERY SNUG. Then insert the Black Bladder Valve Stem and thread the Small Knurled Nut Halfway on. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE KNURLED NUT AGAINST THE RIM.
  • By hand, begin at the Rim Lock and Install the Red Liner in the direction closest to the Black Bladder Valve Stem, until the Black Bladder Valve Stem is tight.
  • Now using the Tyre Spoons, reach across both Beads with the Tire Spoon and Gently work the Red Liner onto the Rim.
  • Make sure to push and pinch the Red Liner into the Drop Center of the Rim opposite from where you are prying with the Tyre Spoon.

TIP: Make sure the red liner is pinched together and fully seated into the drop centre of the rim opposite from where you are prying or you will damage the red liner.

Step 5 - Place Rim inside Tyre

TUbliss installation Step 5

  • Stand your Tyre upright against your Legs and hang the Guide Plate onto the Rear Bead of the Tyre.
  • Hold the Rim with the Rim Lock at the Bottom Position (Opposite where you are holding the Rim with your hand).
  • Now push down on the Top of the Tyre with your other hand while you push the Rim into the Tyre between the Guide Plate and the Outer Bead of the Tyre.
  • You can now Pry the Tyre open from side to side using the Tyre Spoon while applying Constant Down-Force on the Top of the Rim until the Rim is completely inside the Tyre.

TIP: Keep a constant down force on the rim while you are prying the tyre from side to side with the tyre spoon or the tyre will continue push itself upwards forcing you to start over.

Step 6 - Mounting the Tyre

TUbliss installation Step 6

NOTE: The more of the Tire bead that is in the Drop Centre of the Rim, the easier it is to get the Tyre mounted onto the Rim.

  • Start installing the Tyre opposite the Rim lock while pushing the the Bead of the Tyre into the Drop Centre of the Rim opposite from where you are prying with the Tyre Spoon.
  • Finish prying the last section of the tyre on to Rim NEXT TO THE RIM LOCK.
  • Now using the Tyre Spoons, reach across both Beads with the Tire Spoon and Gently work the Red Liner onto the Rim.
  • Flip the Wheel over and repeat the above mentioned steps once again beginning opposite the Rim Lock.

TIP: Make sure the tyre’s bead is completely pushed into the drop centre of the rim opposite from where you are prying with the tyre spoon. Take as small bites as possible using your tyre spoon and it will be much easier to mount the tyre onto the rim.

Step 7 - Lubrication and Inflation

TUbliss installation step 7

NOTE: Saturating the Red Liner with Soapy Water AFTER the Tyre has been mounted is the KEY to an Airtight Seal.

  • Start next to the Rim Lock and pry the Tyre down while pouring Soapy Water into the Drop Centre of the Rim. Too much Sopay water is better than not enough! Repeat the process every 4 spokes around the entire wheel on both sides.
  • Bounce the Wheel on the Ground while rotating the wheel to ensure that the Soapy Water completely covers the outside of the Red Liner.
  • Insert the valve Cores, inflate the Black Inner Bladder to 7,5 bar/100 Psi.
  • You can now inflate the Tyre through the Valve in the Rim Lock to your desired Pressure.
  • Replace the Valve caps and tighten the the small knurled Nut back against the Valve Cap. Do not tighten the Knurled Nut against the Rim.
  • Tighten the Rim Lock Nut to 15 Newton metres/11 Foot pounds

TIP: Take your time and do not rush this step.

Tyre Removal

TUbliss Tyre Removal

NOTE: Be Careful not to grab the Red Liner with the Tyre Spoon when making your first few scoops.

  • Remove both Valve Cores and Nuts.
  • Start next to the Rim Lock and Spoon the Tire off.
  • Flip the Wheel over and repeat the process.
  • Pull the Rim out of the Tyre while pushing down on the Tyre.

TIP: Be careful not to grab the Red TUbliss Liner with the Tyre Spoons or you will damage it.

TUbliss Removal

TUbliss red liner removal

  • Start spooning the Red Liner next to the Rim Lock on the opposite side of the Black Bladder Valve Stem.
  • Carefully reach under both beads with the Tyre spoon while at the same time pinching the Red Liner into the Drop Centre of the Rim opposite from where you are prying. This creates more slack making it much easier to remove.
  • With a second Tyre Spoon, reach across both beads, taking small bites while working the Red Liner off of the Rim.

TIP: Only minimal effort is required to remove the system from the Rim – Follow the exact instructions. If you are forcing the Red Liner, you are not doing it correctly.

Download the PDF printed instructions

Play the compete Video Installation

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