I am really disappointed in Nuetech!!!!

4. August 2014

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Received: May 2014

Hello Nuetech

Pikipiki.co.za adventures
I am really disappointed that Nuetech does not provide a Tubliss that can fit my damn BMW Dakar rear rim. Tubliss would have been such a wonderful product if only I was able to also have them fitted on our bikes through our Africa trip to Europe and the nearly 40 000km we have covered on our way to Eu started in 2010. We reluctantly fitted Tubliss to the front wheels of our BMW Dakar’s on the advice from pseudo-expert-online-motorcycle-forums and people that had 10 thumbs and were incapable to fill their bikes with fuel let alone fit a Tubliss or fixing a flat. But, I was not in the mood for eating dirt with a font tyre blow outs and fixing flats where I could just fit a plug and go. I am all for being in the 21 century and why de hell do we still have archaic things like tubes.

Pikipiki.co.za adventures

We used Tubliss against advice from all the naysayers that profess for our use it was madness.

In the 12 months of travelling, Tubliss saved us scraping our faces through the dirt in Nambia with 2 front blow outs, Ethiopia with no less than 8 front tyre blow-outs. All due to bastard nails, screws, ox wagons and donkey carts dropping all sorts of tyre killers on the road and Renaults to this day being build with rusted nails. In Kenya lake Turkana we rode on Volcanic rock and in Angola, Tanzania and Sudan had to deal with soft sand tracks and were able to deflate the fronts to below a Bar pressure. We could save a load of space on tubes. Fixing a flat with a tubeless puncture repair kit was as easy as feeding a baby porridge.

The end of the story is, after nearly 40 000km to Eu from South Africa and another 6000km around Europe. I can confidently say that Tubliss is one hellova nice product! It worked, well, had the benefit of being tubeless. Saved us weight. The safety aspect and fact that we could run tyres at low pressure without dealing with snake bites was essential. And against the ramblings of the 10 thumb forum crowd the Tubliss is NOT difficult to fit or fix. I can fit them with water only if need be.

Pikipiki.co.za adventures

But thank you for costing me bloody money! I will now have to buy new bikes that are able to use Tubliss for the rear as well. We are heading back to Eu to ride through to Mongolia, Russia and down to India and onwards to Aus next year. Hopefully we can keep going and end our round the world in the next 3-4 years. Hopefully longer, this thing people call work is just evil.

Tubliss although made for enduro and mx racing is a brilliant stunning product for adventure biking or dual sport bike application. Yes I know you say for off road use only on your warning labels and website but that is only for USA nanny state nonsense.

Thank you for a truly innovative useful product whoever invented Tubliss and the rest of the folk at Nuetech, the product served us well.

Our blog is www.pikipiki.co.za we have over 400 subscribers and the site is not up to date as I still have to add the EU parts.

Regards Michnus and Elsebie.



When I received this email, my heart sank!!! But reading through it and then checking thier amazing blog!!!
We are so sorry that we haven’t got the right size for your bike (yet!!!)

Thank you Michnus and Elsebie for sharing your AWESOME journey with us!!!