Josh Buckley – Battle of Bosworth-Enduroland RaceXC 1.5hr Enduro

20. Oktober 2015

I picked up my new 20Josh Buckley - SwaziCowboyz16 CRF450RE from the Honda dealership shop on the Friday, race day was Sunday. The first and most important modification was to put in the TUbliss system which I had been having great success with on my 1999 CR250 and 2014 CRF250R. The second was to run the bike in.

The battle of Bosworth was a tight, technical and mainly wood course. On the right lines, it was fast and flowy, but throw in a couple of riders and it becomes quite hazardous. There were 2 surfaces in the woods between a fire breaker. One side was very sandy with plenty of roots and the second was more hard pack, as you left the woods there was a large field that we went around the outside and a few chicanes where you could get your bike up to a near top speed if you got the corner right. After the field you came onto a few woodchip mounds that you could use as jumps or simply just roll.

Josh Buckley - SwaziCowboyzThe Sunday morning came with heavy dew which made the grass like ice. I chose to run my TUbliss at 6psi which is a nice all-round pressure for the grass and woods. I got to the line first and chose my slot wisely on the outside, for a straight run into the corner. With around 10 other Clubman, the row was going to be tough to beat. As the flag dropped on a dead engine start I kicked and kicked, but the bike wouldn’t start. The row behind vets and masters class (over 50) was getting ready for the drop when as there flag went my bike fired up. I still wasn’t in the top 3 into the corner but I had made some quick passes on the grass wheeling where others spun and slid. Into the woods I went. My favourite part of endure is the woods, so I quickly passed a few riders by taking good lines. I re-emerged 3rd in class and by the 3rd lap I was leading the overall. This remained the same until an expert rider came past on the 4th from last lap. I managed to keep up with him for a few laps, but as he pulled away I settled for the Clubman win with a 1 minute lead on the 2nd placed Clubman rider and 2nd overall in my first race on a 450.

Thanks to all those who suport me riding on and off the track: BackOnTrack, Lucas Oils UK, TUbliss, Thirty4Racing, Kesterel Honda, Rockinghams Cycles, AG Racing Ltd and SwaziCowboyz

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