Boam Brothers at Lucas Oil’s Enduro-X Ali’s Arena

22. September 2014
Daniel Boam at Lucas Oil's Enduro-X Ali's Arena

Photo Credit: Tony Veneable

This was first time using TUbliss. He ran the front tyre at 13 psi and the rear at 10 psi. He also went on to win the Elite Class.

Matt Boam was leading the main Race-XC event but suffered a puncture so Daniel went on to take the win. However Matt managed to finish in second position at the Endurocross event on Saturday. They participated in the Elite class on both days. Matt did not have a chance to fit the system for this race but will have it all sorted for his next race.

Sounds like quite an eventful race nevertheless good job to both of you!!! Thank you to EnduroNews by Bob Mullins for the full report on this event.

Keep your eye out for The Boam brothers as we hope to hear alot more about thier riding adventures!!!

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Photo credit: Tony Venables
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