3rd Round IGE Championship, Marisfeld, Germany – Andreas Schulz

11. May 2014

10352206_496886107103818_1491788385741473425_nA short summary of my third round of the IGE championship held in Marisfeld.
Upon arrival at the race, the track was pretty muddy and rain seemed immenent. I therefore opted for rain gear. 30 mins before the start, we had a heavy rain shower… Since it was muddy, I decided to reduce my air pressure to 0.5 bar front and rear (Thanks to TUbliss, this is no problem).
At the start, I was able to break away from my group and after half a lap I had latched onto the front runners. I was then slowed down due to not being able to get my bike into gear. This resulted in running third after the first lap. I had such good grip, I was able to ride up the wet slate sections and after the fourth lap I was up to second position.11052014 Andreas Schulz
After refueling, I popped my fork seal and the oil ran down onto the front brake disc. This caused me to slide off into the bushes on a steep downhill passage causing a loss of valuable time.
Shortly before the end of the race, the ground had become very tacky making it difficult to keep to the lines and once again I was yanked to the ground on an uphill section. Since this cost me even more time and the front brake lever, I decided to play it safe and ended up in 2nd place.