2014 so far with TUbliss – Gary Daniels (Enduro, UK)

10. May 2014

Gary Daniels
Mid way through last year I decided to switch over to the TUbliss tyre system. A friend had bought a set and I liked the idea of them. I especially liked the fact that for extreme enduros, you are able to run your tyres at a ‘trials bike’ pressure without worrying that your tyre might come off the bead, or that it might spin on the rim making it necessary to run 2-3 rim locks and spending all night trying to get the tyre on/off the rim. If you also decide to go do some motocrossing, you simply just up the pressure. No need to change anything or have another wheelset set up for motocross tracks.

Another positive I’ve found is how well they are lasting. I’ve used the same set of TUbliss for every ride this season. Whether that be the Eddys Extreme Enduro Championship, The Tough One Hard Enduro, FIM Superenduro World Championship, British Sprint Enduro Championship, many weekends at Cowm leisure (hard pack rocky quarry) or down at Preston docks (the local sand motocross track). They have little or no wear and tear on them and they absorb any hard hits from rock steps, tree roots, braking bumps, logs etc. with ease.

Lastly changing tyres is now much easier, as they sit low in the centre of your rim and once you let all the pressure out of the inner bladder, your tyre is very loose on the rim and there’s no wrestling with tyre levers in or back out, as you can easily push the tyre bead in with your hand. Gary Daniels bike

Overall I’m well happy with my choice to start using them and I’d like to thank Sergio and Sheena at SwaziCowboyz for supporting me with TUbliss this year and hope to see TUbliss grow in the off-road world.

Cheers, Gary Daniels